Hall and Woodhouse Share Certificate

Brief: Develop a professional but lively, imaginative and ‘collectable’ graphic design for the Hall & Woodhouse Share Certificate. The client states “we require a shareholders’ certificate to give to new and existing shareholders once shareholder management has been brought back in house. The ideal certificate will have the ‘wow’ factor and reflect on the fact that you have a piece of the company in your hands.”

Hall & Woodhouse wanted to give their current share certificate a makeover while keeping some original features- the font, logo and the seal.

The redesigned share certificate features their old brewery which suffered a devastating fire. This is subtly shown using watercolour paint and can be seen above. Badgers are also a big part of the company’s identity which can be seen through the composition of the certificate. The paper used is rare from The Bank of England with real pound notes in them with each piece slightly different. This gives more of a tactile share certificate giving it value.


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