Bournemouth Beach Shelter

Brief/Problem: During my final year, I was required to set myself a brief, coming up with a concept with corrected a ‘problem’. During the 9 months spent on this project, the idea was developed rapidly, presenting these ideas at various ‘crits’ and ‘Vivas’. The following renders display my skills in Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop.

Bournemouth Beach holds the title as the best beach in the UK, which isn’t surprising due to its 7 mile stretch of sandy coastline. It attracts thousands of people every year, from students, young families on holiday, local runners, and elderly dog walkers, the beach is inclusive and used by all.

However, despite the beach’s popularity, there are little seating areas and no shelters along the beach. This means individuals may avoid visiting the beach if they are unsure on the weather, although many locals still visit daily whatever the weather.

Design Philosophy/Inspiration: Taking inspiration from a cocoon, a shelter has been designed for the mid-point of Bournemouth and Boscombe pier. This location was chosen as it is a popular stretch of the beach, with the shelter acting as a point to reflect on the user’s journey; looking at when they started and preparing themselves for where they are going.

The shape of the shelter is based on the figure of eight shape a caterpillar moves in to create it’s cocoon, with the smaller windows mimicking the texture of it. The main window is based on a soundwave which was taken at the mid-point. The beams surrounding the shelter appear to ‘swaddle’ it, creating the feeling of safety and security within the user.

Grade: 62%

newjmbani3361back render inside-

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